Después de ser despedido del Totemham The Guardian ha publicado el siguiente comentario sobre al "pobre" Juande:

When Ramos launched his reputation at Sevilla he was immensely fortunate to link up with one of the finest directors of football in the business. Ramón Rodríguez Verdejo, known everywhere as 'Monchi', oversees a team of 700 scouts across the world and sees it as his mission to unearth a diamond before any of Europe's superclubs have even started digging. Monchi delivered a load of outstanding players to Ramos. Stars-in-the-making also came from within, such as Spain's classy defender Sergio Ramos, now with Real Madrid, and skilled winger Jesús Navas. They also came from Brazil in the form of flying full-back Daniel Alves, who has moved on to Barcelona, and prodigious scorer Luis Fabiano. They came from wherever Monchi found competitively-priced quality. Sevilla not only won silverware with the squad Monchi hand-picked, they also earned a fortune in selling on their discoveries at a massive mark-up.

'We have shown we're really good at buying and selling to our own advantage,' said Monchi. 'We want to be stable and balanced but also to stay high in the football elite. The key to that is not only signing well, but having a great youth policy so that if one day the results stop coming we don't have to go out and spend millions of euros.'

Perhaps when Tottenham went hunting for salvation in Seville they picked the wrong guy. Maybe it was Monchi, and not Ramos, who was the man they really needed to break the cycle of failed attempts that has prevented them from making any lasting improvements.

Pues si, yo tembién creo que el secreto de Sevilla es Monchi, los soberbios como Juande lo desprecian. Alla él.


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